Executive Committee

The HYPNet Executive Committee consists of the following members:

Chair Daniella Chilton  
Vice Chair Liz Hamlyn / David Cox  
Treasurer Colin Ball  
Executive Members Caroline Foster / Katia Prime  
Voluntary Sector Policy Jed Marsh  
Voluntary Sector Practice Elaine Pearson  
Health Advisor David Cox  
Nursing Marthe Le Prevost  
Psychology Debbie Levitt / Michael Evangeli  


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HYPnet SpR Roles

  • Organising Venue and sponsorship for meetings / Fundraising
    • Rachel Hill-Tout
  • Audit / Website content
    • Alison Barbour
  • Agenda / Minutes
    • Nina Vora
  • Responding to other bodies eg NICE and other national consultations which interest HYPnet
    • Selena Singh